Predominantly an old naval town and still home to the South African Navy. It is South Africa’s third-oldest settlement, and was named after Simon Van Der Stel, the governor of the Dutch settlement.

Simon’s Town also boasts picturesque ocean views,  quaint streets and stunning beaches, the most famous of which being Boulders Beach, which supports a colony of African Penguins.

Take a stroll along the street lined with antique and boutique shops, or pay a visit to the harbour where you can grab lunch at Bertha’s, a great little restaurant with a perfect view.

Simons Town

Simons Town, Berthas

If you make your way to Jubilee Square you’ll find an array of ‘curios’- market stalls selling all sorts of souvenirs.

Simons TownSimons Town Simons Town

Also here is the revered statue of Able Seaman Just Nuisance, a beer drinking Great Dane adopted by the Royal Navy in World War II.

Simons Town, Just Nuisance

Residents and holiday makers enjoy the picturesque setting of mountains to one side and coast to the other. At present, Simon’s Town still bears the scars of a recent fire, which was started high on the mountain and raged downwards towards the coast.

Simons Town

There were thankfully no fatalities, but many houses were afforded a narrow escape, with the fire almost touching their doorways,

Simons Town, After the Fire

Others were not so lucky.

Simons Town, After the Fire

The fire even made its way across the road, only stopping when it reached the ocean.

Simons Town, After the Fire

Simons Town

Despite the scars, Simon’s Town is still a beautiful place to take a walk along the coast, as long as you don’t get blown away by the wind!

Simons Town Simons Town-20