Amongst other things, Cape Town is famous for Table Mountain, so named because of it’s completely flat top. It has also been officially recognised as one of the new seven wonders of the world and making their way to the top is probably on the to-do list for any visitor to Cape Town.

There are two ways you can do this; take the revolving cable car, affording spectacular views across Cape town, or climb. We chose to climb up and take the cable car down.

Table Mountain-9

It started off as a pleasant enough walk, the legs start to burn a little with the constant uphill nature of a  mountain but the small streams and shady tree areas, alongside the amazing view opening up with every step more than compensates.

That is untill you get higher. The trees disappear leaving you at the mercy of the relentless sun and the ‘trail’ turns into a never ending series of steep steps. The top seems to get further and further away and you begin to realise that the LARGE bottle of water you brought was definitely not enough.

There were rangers making their way up the mountain alongside us, following reports that someone had collapsed or fallen. This coupled with the frequent appearance of a rescue helicopter, whilst slightly comforting to know that they were there, didn’t serve to make us feel much better (especially as it kept flying away without taking me with it!).

Table Mountain

Once you make it to the top though, the sense of accomplishment outweighs the effects of the climb, although the first priority was to find more water! There are a couple of shops and a cafe, and you can walk around the (thankfully!) completely flat surface. Once I had properly recovered, I was able to take in the view.

Table Mountain-13

Table Mountain

Table MountainTable Mountain